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First of all, I will talk from factors other than parameters.

If the overall system speed is slowing, the following causes may be considered. If you execute thread processing in a small matrix whose element size is less than a few thousand, calculation units are excessively divided, and the overhead reduces the speed of the OPENBLAS library.

Therefore if you are using HARK 3.x, try setting the environment variable OPENBLAS_NUM_THREADS=1 .

For example, set the following line in the .bashrc file:


In this case, variables will be effective from the newly opened terminal.

Or you can do the following when you run the network file:

OPENBLAS_NUM_THREADS=1 harkmw ./your_networkfile.n

In this case, variables apply only to the command.

If only the processing speed of HARK is decreasing, the following causes may be considered. Please check the following contents.

  • Make sure that the known sound signal input to the HarkMsgsStreamFromRos node is not intermittent. For example, if a robot performs TTS, the sound signal must be transmitted not only during speech but also during silence periods.
  • Make sure that the sampling rate of the microphone array input matches the sampling rate of the sound signal input to the HarkMsgsStreamFromRos node. If it is difficult to match, please adjust the input of HarkMsgsStreamFromRos node to the sampling rate of the microphone array by MultiDownSampler node. Note that if you lower the sampling rate on the microphone array by MultiDownSampler node, you need to recreate the transfer function.

If the parameters of SemiBlindICA node seems to be the cause, please check the following contents.

  • Please check the background noise level contained in the microphone array input. The SemiBlindICA node’s IS_ZERO parameter is used to determine input levels of INPUT that do not need to be processed, since it is not necessary to perform estimation processing during periods where there is no sound signal input (silence period) of REFERENCE. Note that this parameter should be set with power in the frequency domain.
  • Please save the output of AudioStreamFromMic node and HarkMsgsStreamFromRos node with SaveWavePCM. If you compare the sound signals recorded in the two WAV files, you should see something like this:
    The waveform of the audio signal obtained at the HarkMsgsStreamFromRos node should be recorded at the AudioStreamFromMic node with a slight delay. The larger the delay amount, the larger the value of the TAP parameter, but if it is excessively large, the amount of calculation increases. However, if it is slow enough to misunderstand it as a hangup, I think that it is not the influence by this parameter.

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