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    Hi kohira,

    >> Could any body tell me how the TR created by calculation makes it worse than the one by measurement?

    We alrady indicated in our documentation that Geometric-Calcuation-based Transfer Function Generation may have less quality as compared to Measurement-based Transfer Function Generation
    depending on the environment. The reason for this is, the calculation does not take into consideration the effects of the possible obstructions in the environment during the recording.

    See documentation: (see figure 14).

    So if the environment is not a “Free Space” environment, then the performance of the TR generated using Geometric-Calcuation will surely be lower than that of a TR generated using Measurement.

    >> Or, is there any sample wave files obtained by HARK’s source separation, which have little cross talk for two or three sources?
    I will ask the team if there is any avaiable sample save files that you can use.

    HARK Support Team