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– Case.1
If you are using Ubuntu distribution, you can easily get source codes using the following method.

apt-get source <package-name>

e.g.) In case of the HARK basic package’s source codes and HARK-Python source code required.
apt-get source harkfd hark-sss hark-python

– Case.2
When you need an older version than the one you are currently releasing,
If you are using another Linux distribution (e.g. Debian, Mint, Fedora, Cent OS, Red Hat, Vine, etc…)
you can download source code in tar.gz or tar.xz format from the following location.
However, we do not officially support other than Ubuntu.
If you use an OS other than Ubuntu, you may need to change or/and<code-name>/non-free/source/

e.g.) Xenial, Trusty, Precise are as follows.

If you need a more older version please download from the bottom of the bottom on this page.

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