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Yuka Goto

    Dear Zouhair,
    Thank you for your patience and understanding.
    Now I understand that you are talking about FAQ 111.
    You can use one of the harktool5-cui tools, harktoolcli-mat2csv, to convert the mat file that you want to look at to a csv file.

    If you are using Windows version of HARK, then you should have it in your PC.
    Type the following command in the Command Prompt:
    harktoolcli-mat2csv –help

    If you are using Ubuntu version of HARK, then you need to install harktool5-cui by typing the following commands in the terminal:
    sudo apt-get install harktool5
    Then, you can use harktoolcli-mat2csv in your terminal.

    We are sorry that we are not providing the document for harktool5-cui in English.
    Instead, we have an update for you regarding the answer to FAQ 111.
    We released harktool5-gui.

    With harktool5-gui, you can visualize the transfer function.
    1. Upload your transfer function in zip format on the top screen.
    2. Display Transfer Function Screen.
    3. Select ‘Localization/Separation’ for TF type.
    4. Click on Graph Plot button.

    You can check the document in the following link:

    I hope I was able to answer to your question for this time.


    Yuka, HARK Support Team