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    Dear Zouhair,

    We are sorry for the late reply.

    As I understand it, the LENGTH parameter in AudioStreamFromMic node designates the number of samples per frame. Is this correct?

    Yes, it is.

    If so, why is the number of columns of the output matrix in AudioStreamFromMic node always equal to the LENGTH parameter independently of the duration of the recorded “.wav” file (recording time)?

    HARK takes frame-wise processing in the frequency domain, and thus HARK first converts the input signals from time domain to frequency domain using short time Fourier transform(STFT) performed in MultiFFT.
    For the preparation of STFT, AudioStreamFromMic tranforms the input signals into framed signal blocks.
    Each block is a processing unit for a procedure defined in the Iterator sheet of HARK Designer.
    For more details, please check the attached figure.


    HARK Support Team