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Rohan sheelvant

    Earlier it did not have any packages, however, I just now checked again and it worked.

    I am now trying to record sound using HARK by following these steps
    and I am using this RASP device to record the audio.

    I have created the network for recording using HARK also set the parameters accordingly(I want to record a sound at 16KHz for 5 seconds). After setting the parameters I clicked the button EXECUTE. After this, I check the FILE button in HARK_developer and I could find 4 audio files named sep_0,1,2,3 (.wav). However, on playing these files I hear audio of less than a second and only some noise in it.
    [I have attached the relevant screenshots with this post]
    Can you please tell me if have made any mistake while building the network?

    I have checked my recording using audacity and all the mics are working fine.