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Thank you for your inquiry.

wios uses ALSA directly.

First, make sure you can record and playback using arecord or aplay . If you set the number of bits or encoding that the hardware does not support, it may not work properly. In other words, be aware of the default settings that is used by wios.
Secondly, wios implements only some of the features of ALSA, so some devices may not be supported. For example, when recording 24-bit PCM with the --encoding 24 option, S24_LE is supported but S24_3LE is not.

I created a tool that I attached in this post, which can be used do a quick check. But since it has not been tested thoroughly, there may be some problems remaining. But if it works well, the output result may be helpful.

How to compile:
g++ wios-check.cpp -lasound -o wios-check

How to use:
./wios-check <device> <type>
<type> is one of playback , capture or both.
defaults: <device> is hw:0,0 selected, and <type> is both selected.
e.g.) ./wios-check plughw:0,0 playback

Finally, HARKTOOL5 offers a new way to create transfer functions from TSP recordings that have not been synchronized. The information is written below, so I hope you find it useful.

[HARKTOOL5-GUI documentation] => [Transfer Function Estimation Using Complex Regression Model]

Best regards,