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    2) A question concerning several parameters.

    – The LENGTH and WINDOW_LENGTH parameters are in many modules. Do they have to be the same everywhere?

    – In my case MSG_BUFFER_NUM and DATA_BUFFER_NUM in StreamFromHarkMsgs are equal in size of the buffer sent in the HarkWave message, is this correct? Or do I need to specify the queue size which is set when writing messages to the topic?

    3) The HarkWave message contains count. It is equal to seq from header. Am I doing the right thing?

    4) HarkWaveVal from HarkWave implies vector <float>. When saving data directly to a file, we get clear sound. After writing a message to HarkWave topic, we catch it by StreamFromHarkMsgs node and write to the file. In this case strong noises appear in the file. Do I need some kind of additional changes in order to transmit through the topic, or do I need to write to the topic just a set of bytes?

    5) When recording in ROS-topic, we set the size of the stored queue. Do I need to Indicate it in some of the nodes in hark_designer?