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Thank you for your inquiry.

The WAV file format supported by the AudioStreamFromWave node is as follows:
– signed 16bit / 24bit PCM
– WAV-Ex header is not supported.
Please see this page for details.

Your WAV file could not be loaded due to the following:
– IEEE float 32bit PCM
Unfortunately, this format is not supported by the AudioStreamFromWave node.

To correct a file that AudioStreamFromWave could not read, follow these steps:

Step.1: Please open the WAV file in Audacity. This is the same state as immediately after recording.
Step.2: Please trace like “File => Export => Export Audio…” and display the Export Audio dialog.
Step.3: Please select “Other uncompressed files” for the file type.
Step.4: Please select “WAV (Microsoft)” for the “Header:” item. Please do not choose “WAVEX (Microsoft)” here.
Step.5: Please select “Signed 24-bit PCM” for the “Encoding:” item. TAMAGO-03 has 24-bit resolution. Please select “Signed 16-bit PCM” for other 16-bit microphone arrays.
Step.6: Please click “Save” button.

Best regards,
HARK support team