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      I’m trying to test localization for a sound recording I made using TAMAGO 8-channel microphone. However, I get the below exception:

      RuntimeError: HARK-Middleware: HARK exception thrown at harkmw/src/ (Node_get_output): C:\msys64\home\NAE2\work\src\for_commit\hark-core\hark-core\src\, line 278: Bad WAVE header

      I made the recording using AUDACITY software (rather than from inside HARK). I did this because I was unsure of the duration I needed for my test recording. I understand that the problem might be in how the audio recording was saved by AUDACITY, but is there any advice on how I can overcome this?

      Here’s the recording WAV for reference:


      Thank you for your inquiry.

      The WAV file format supported by the AudioStreamFromWave node is as follows:
      – signed 16bit / 24bit PCM
      – WAV-Ex header is not supported.
      Please see this page for details.

      Your WAV file could not be loaded due to the following:
      – IEEE float 32bit PCM
      Unfortunately, this format is not supported by the AudioStreamFromWave node.

      To correct a file that AudioStreamFromWave could not read, follow these steps:

      Step.1: Please open the WAV file in Audacity. This is the same state as immediately after recording.
      Step.2: Please trace like “File => Export => Export Audio…” and display the Export Audio dialog.
      Step.3: Please select “Other uncompressed files” for the file type.
      Step.4: Please select “WAV (Microsoft)” for the “Header:” item. Please do not choose “WAVEX (Microsoft)” here.
      Step.5: Please select “Signed 24-bit PCM” for the “Encoding:” item. TAMAGO-03 has 24-bit resolution. Please select “Signed 16-bit PCM” for other 16-bit microphone arrays.
      Step.6: Please click “Save” button.

      Best regards,
      HARK support team


        Sorry for my late reply.

        This solved my problem. I can now analyze the audio WAV file. Thank you very much!

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