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      I tried sample command in a manual “HARK Cookbook Version 3.0.0. (Revision: 9272)” to fail.

      I’m using a device shown below.

      Input Sound Device List for WASAPI  ver 3.0
      —WASAPI— (RASP-ZX (8ch))

      Could you please tell me a command to record 8ch *.wav?

      Thank you.


        Hi kohira,

        The HARK Cookbook covers a broad range of topics.

        In your case, are you referring to this specific topic: Sound Recording Network Sample – Windows? If not, please post the link of the specific HARK Cookbook topic that you are using so that we can help you verify and execute the correct command.


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        The Windows version of wios supports only the function to record via the network that RASP-24 etc. supports. In other words, wios can be used only when recording over the network with a USB-LAN or USB-Wireless dongle inserted into the USB port of the RASP-ZX.

        Currently, when connecting directly with a USB cable, you can only create a WAV file with a third-party recording tool such as Audacity. HARKTOOL5 can create a transfer function with an Complex Regression Model that does not require synchronized recording.

        If you need a TSP wav file created by synchronized recording, the following workaround also exists.

        Please create Ubuntu installed the virtual machine on VMWare/VirtualBox on Windows and connect RASP-ZX to the virtual machine. In that case, you can record with ALSA.

        Best regards,


        Since I noticed that there was a mistake, I deleted it immediately after the following post. wios did not support both WASAPI and DirectSound (DS) at this time. Only the RASP protocol that cannot be supported by the standard Windows API is supported.

        The RASP-24 is connected via a LAN, and the recording data is transmitted over the network using the SiF original protocol and recorded using the SiF original interface.

        The USB Audio Class (UAC) supported devices connected via USB, such as TAMAGO-03, are recorded with WASAPI or DirectSound (DS) interface.

        RASP-ZX supports two connection methods.
        If you are connected directly to a PC with a USB cable, it will be recorded with WASAPI or DS interface. On the other hand, if a USB-LAN or USB-Wireless dongle is inserted into the USB port and you are trying to connect via a network, it will be connected with the SiF original protocol as same as RASP-24.

        You need to choose a wios command depending on which connection method you use.

        HARK has supported WASAPI since version 3.0, but wios has not yet completed support for WASAPI, DirectSound (DS) will be used. The effect of this difference will hardly occur.

        Best regards,

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