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    Danbing Zhu

      Hi there,
      I am working on an embedded project where ROS and sound source localization are required. And I am trying to deploy PS EYE + HARK-ros on a Beaglebone black. I am planning to use this ROS node developed by UTS(https://github.com/uts-magic-lab/hark_sound_localization) and it works on my desktop.

      I read the FAQ and it mentions that HARK can work with beaglebone black. But when I was trying to do a native compilation of HARK-ros on beaglebone, it doesn’t have enough memory to finish the compilation. I am wondering if you did a cross compilation to make HARK work on beaglebone. And I am also wondering if you can provide a tutorial on how to make hark work on beaglebone. Thank you!


      Carlosrene Santiago


        I do apologize for my late reply.
        We currently do not have any Beaglebone black in hand for testing purposes.
        They will be available to us by the end of this month.

        Like mentioned in the FAQ. We managed to install HARK on a Beaglebone but, we have not tested installing HARK-ROS as of now.

        In order to better assist you, would you mind providing some additional information?
        1: What OS and version are you currently using?
        2: What version of ROS is currently installed? How did you install it(PKG,Source)?
        3: Where you able to install HARK?


        Danbing Zhu

          Hi Carlos,

          Really nice to hear from you. I am wondering if the website is bugging or there is a restriction on replying. It seems I can’t successfully reply to your post. Or there is a delay time before it can show a reply? In that case, my apology for submitting so many duplicated replies…As an alternative, I attached my reply in the PDF file down below.


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          Yuka Goto

            Dear Dan,

            I am Yuka, from HARK Support Team.
            Thank you very much for using HARK.

            We understand that you need some help to install HARK-ROS in Beaglebone and have read your PDF file.
            We wish we could help you, but our hands are tied.

            Carlos might have given you a wrong impression as if we could help you in his reply, but we cannot help you unfortunately since we do not officially support Beaglebone.

            We deeply apologize that we misled you.
            We hope other HARK users will give you useful information.


            Yuka, HARK Support Team

            Danbing Zhu

              Dear Yuka,

              Thank you for letting me know that. I will share my progress (if any) here. Thank you!


              Danbing Zhu

                Got HARK/HARK-ros working on Beaglebone Blue and Raspberry Pi 3.

                I think the problem with my previous failure to compile Hark-ros on Beaglebone Black is the graphic interface of the operating system consumes some of the limited memory on board. So disable the graphic desktop should do the trick. Same for Raspberry Pi.

                Basically, I followed the instructions provided on HARK’s official website. Did some modifications along the way:
                1. in step 4 of install from source in HARK-ROS installation instructions,
                ./configure --prefix=/usr/local --with-hark-inc=/usr/include/hark --enable-ros; make clean; make ; sudo make install; should be changed to ./configure --prefix=/usr/local --with-hark-inc=/usr/local/include/hark --enable-ros; make clean; make ; sudo make install;
                2. Added include path for hark-ros-stacks-kinetic/devel/include/ in hark-ros-<version>’s configure file
                3. Changed -march=core2 -mtune=core2 in hark-ros-<version>/src/Makefile.am and hark-ros-<version>/src/Makefile.in to
                -march=native -mtune=<board's corresponding processor>
                4. If the .n file complains that libharkio3.so can’t be found, add export LD_LIBRARY_PATH=$LD_LIBRARY_PATH:/usr/local/lib to ~/.bashrc

                The combination of RPi + ROS + HARK + PS3 Eye seems to be working for me.

                Although I believe HARK is working on Beaglebone Blue, I can’t make Playstation Eye work with the Beaglebone. So if someone has any idea, it will be good to share that here.

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