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      Does Hark have an in-build low-pass filter against frequencies greater than 8 kHz (16 kHz sampling frequency)?

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        Hi Paul,

        Yes, HARK can perform low-pass filtering.

        An example would be GHDSS (https://www.hark.jp/document/3.0.0/hark-document-en/subsec-GHDSS.html). For the GHDSS node, you can adjust the lower bound frequency and the upper bound frequency during sound separation. Depending on your need, there are also other HARK nodes that can perform such filtering (see documentation).

        If my reply seems a bit off, please share more details on what you want to achieve so that I can be of better help.

        Best Regards,
        HARK Support Team


          Thanks for the fast reply. Right now I am only interested in localization. I believe that even before you use the MultiFFT node in a standard localization network there has to be some sort of low-pass filtering. Otherwise the real-time spectrum coming out of the MultiFFT node is corrupted by aliasing.


          EDIT: I just realized my mistake. Of course the relatively small sampling frequency of 16 kHz will always introduce a small amount of aliasing into the signal. It makes absolutely no sense asking for a filter AFTER the audio has been recorded.

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