MQTT Messages are not treated as new events in HARK

HARK FORUM MQTT Messages are not treated as new events in HARK

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      I have made a HARK network (practice.1) where I am computing Source Localization of an audio file (practice1.wav). And by using HARK-Python I am publishing the output of SourceTracker (which is a List data type) on the MQTT network. I am using the json.dumps() command to serialize the output of SourceTracker in python code (

      I have made another network (subscriber.n) where I am using HARK-Python3 executor node to subscribe to the MQTT topic in another python file ( After de-serializing the MQTT message (into List format) using json.loads() command I am making it equal to ‘SOURCE’ output (which is list_source data type).

      So the problem is I want to use that ‘SOURCE’ (List data type) for other HARK nodes i.e. DisplayLocalization. But HARK doesn’t recognize the mqtt message as new event. So if I use DisplayLocalization it gives an error of ‘core dump’.
      Even if I try to use that output for another python code in another iterator loop (LOOP0), it is not received in the following pythonexecutor node ( either because mqtt messages don’t trigger any event for HARK. So how can I use the MQTT messages on the subscriber side in a way that I can use it for other HARK nodes (DisplayLocalization)?

      (All files can be downloaded from this link:

    Viewing 1 post (of 1 total)
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