TSP signal recording: fan noize near microhones

HARK FORUM TSP signal recording: fan noize near microhones

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      Hi HARK support,

      When recording TSP signal to generate Transfer Function, should I turned off fans near the microphone? I think yes, but the fans are on-board things & cannot be killed without some tricky hacks.

      My concern is, is the stationary-working fans near microphones severely damages TF generation? Any workaround?



        Yes, of course, you should turn off the fans.

        However, you may have another solution.
        When noise comes from the fans, I think that the noise is narrow band.
        If true, you can generate TF from TSP responses measured with the noise.
        In localization with the generated TF, you should exclude noise frequencies, which can be set in the property window of localizeMUSIC.
        When you also want sound source separation, there are two ways.
        One way is not to use noise frequencies in separation, but you will not get any separated signals at the frequencies.
        Another way is to use TF calculated from microphone positions, although the performance drops compared with the measured TF.


          Thanks understood. I will try the last option!

        Viewing 3 posts - 1 through 3 (of 3 total)
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